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Who Are We

Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company Pty Ltd started out in February 2018 in the Northern NSW, South East QLD and Gold Coast markets and have grown into a successful commercial cleaning organisation covering all aspects of commercial cleaning with hundreds of satisfied clients and thousands of cleans under our belt. We are a progressive cleaning company, with the goal to deliver an outstanding customer service and cleaning service experience every time.​
Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company Logo Landscape
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The Management Team

Craig Griffiths and Sam Seigers are both Co-Founders and Directors of the Company and lead an experienced team who are committed to providing the highest possible level of service and satisfaction, with an enthusiastic approach to everyone they meet and what they do. With a combined 45 years’ experience in business to business sales and marketing, operational experience and leadership, for Craig and Sam it’s all about delivering a great service every time with a mission to clean up the cleaning industry as they go and give you what you pay for.
Their knowledge in leading, training staff and implementing systems, as well as their disciplined business practice are all very simple when compared to most other businesses. This makes it easy to keep delivering Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company’s promise to every single client every single time.

What Separates Us?

Our clients choose Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company because of the professionalism, attention to detail and the DDCC 5 Step Cleaning Method which ensures a hygienic business environment, superior cleaning quality and amazing results every time. Every client receives a detailed customised job sheet for their cleaning requirements. Clients are not invoiced until they are 100% satisfied with the cleaning service we provide, which we have a check off on our state-of-the-art software system. As an added benefit, DDCC operates un-contracted but we can also offer you a short term, medium- and long-term cleaning contract, which means you can lock in a better cleaning fee. In this way we continue to deliver on our mission.
Cleaning companies are crucial for all your anti-viral and anti-bacterial needs. When the world seems out of control, you are going to want to ensure that you have things under control one way that you are able to get a grip on things is if you have cleaning in order. Whether it is office cleaning, commercial cleaning, or residential cleaning, our team of Rockstar cleaning professionals can get the best cleaning work done. We use the very best effective disinfectant sprays and cleaners, and this ensures that we leave your property smelling fresher and better than you could have possibly hoped for. We offer affordable and quality commercial cleaning as well that you are going to be able to fit into your budget for many years to come. We know that recurring services are just as important as once-in-a-while services, and therefore, we are going to clean your property as if it were the first time that it was ever cleaned, every single time.
We know that thoroughness can never be underutilised, and this is just one reason why we are highly regarded throughout the region for the outstanding work that we do. We are going to continually strive to provide you with sparkling clean results. Also, if there are any commercial items that you need to be cleaned, or if you have specific cleaning requests, we are going to be able to get that work done for you. We know how to fulfill all your cleaning and anti-bacterial needs because we care about our profession and want to be the breath of fresh air in the industry.
Our Mission
We work with business owners and their staff who struggle to find a quality cleaning service that delivers what they’ve promised. We eliminate their problem through our unique 5 Step Cleaning Method, and every clean is backed with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This saves businesses a lot of money by keeping staff happier, healthy, productive, and focused on what they do best!
Our Belief
We believe that every client deserves to get what they pay for and that promises of a free first clean do not give you a true indication of the overall service. We back our team and our service on every single clean with our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. This means if you are not 100% satisfied with your clean at any point and we cannot rectify it within 24-48 hours then you do not pay. It is that simple.

Why Choose Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company

Green Science

DDCC Only Uses Green Science

All of our chemicals are made locally and use environmentally friendly green science.
Time Spent

Your Time’s Better Spent

You’re either too busy, the cleaning isn’t getting done properly by others, or you’re just sick of doing it yourself.
Cleaning Staff

Professional Cleaning Staff

Every one of our employees is police-checked, insured, experienced, and trustworthy.
Job Sheets

Customised Quotes and Job Sheets

This means you know exactly what cleaning you’re receiving, every time we clean.
Service Second to None

Service Second to None

We sanitise everything using our unique school and hospital grade cleaning system.
Satisfaction Guaranteed Icon

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Service at a great price! You won’t receive an invoice until you are 100% satisfied.
Cleaner Business

A Cleaner Business

Show you care about your clients and empower healthier and happier workers in a safer and more productive workplace.
Zero Contracts

Zero Contracts

Unlike most cleaning companies, you’ll receive a great service every time because we’re kept on notice with our system.
No Job too Small Icon

No Job Too Small

We will clean as little as a single toilet, up to full offices, showrooms, and factories on a regular basis.
Our Rockstar Cleaners & The V.I.P Cleaning Experience with Our
5 Step Method​

Analysis of the business including a high traffic area study, sick day analysis, number of employees vs cleaning required, office layout, and detailed quotation

Frequency & Timing

Business hours of operation, best times to clean, business hours or after hours, and how much time needs to be spent cleaning

Cleaning Solutions
Green science disinfectants, environmentally friendly and non-toxic cleaning solutions, and 99.9% sterility and germ killing processes that provide effective cleaning.

Staff training, equipment, checklists, and experienced staff

Control Measures
State-of-the-art software, digital checklists, task verification, real-time GPS tracking, client portals, rating systems, and customised tasks all based on client requirements

Our Rockstar cleaners’ willingness to deliver a superior level of clean is backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee which states that in the unlikely event that the cleaning is not carried out to the required standard, and even after signoff, that the cleaner will be dispatched to rework the job to the client’s full satisfaction within 2 business days of notification and at no extra cost. We are currently achieving a 99.7% Client Satisfaction result from thousands of cleans and are always striving to lift this outstanding result even higher for our clients through continuous improvement initiatives.

Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company has also developed a unique cleaning system called “The Rockstar Cleaning Standard” for cleaning commercial and industrial premises and training all our cleaners. The cleaning system helps to avoid cross contamination and the spread of bacteria between different areas (e.g. from a toilet area to an office or lunchroom) and between clients’ premises. This system helps to ensure the same high cleaning standard in every one of our clients premises, every time!

DDCC uses “Green Science” cleaning solutions and disinfectant that provide at least a 99.9% effective sterility and germ kill and are effective against MRSA, E. Coli, and other forms of bacteria. Our cleaners always work from the cleanest area to the dirtiest area to reduce the risk of the spread of bacteria.

Comparing Cleaning Companies

Our clients have chosen Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company because choosing the cheapest quote is guaranteed to waste time and money with more substandard cleaning. In fact, investing in a quality cleaning service from Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company will save you and your business time and money.

A dirty and unhygienic workplace can cost a business in productivity and tens of thousands of dollars per year in sick days and lost wages. A small investment in quality cleaning will dramatically reduce this amount.


Most businesses struggle to maintain quality hygiene in their workplace which leads to higher sick days, staff turnover, low morale, low productivity, and therefore a reduction in profit.

Look & Feel

Unclean, unhygienic businesses don’t present well to clients, customers, or staff. A poorly presented business detracts from the businesses appeal to everyone who comes in contact with it.

Wasted Time & Money
Staff doing the cleaning wastes production time and money. Hiring cheap cleaners who underquote and take shortcuts is also wasted money.
Checklist Questions
Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company
Other Cleaners

​Is a two cloth and mop cleaning system using a fresh pair of disposable gloves used in every room to avoid cross contamination by spreading harmful bacteria from room to room and from one client’s premise to another?


What type of cleaning chemicals are used and in what concentrations? Are they bio-degradable, eco-friendly and user friendly (or are they harsh chlorine and ammonia-based products)?


Is backup staff available in case the cleaner resigns, becomes ill, or takes a holiday?


Are all cleaners Police Checked (if so, ask to see a copy of the Police Check and confirm that it is a recent check)?


Do the cleaners all have Public Liability Insurance in case something goes wrong (the minimum level of coverage must be $5M)?


Does the cleaner ensure the Client signs off a customised job checklist at the end of each clean to ensure the cleaner has delivered a high standard of clean every time?


Does the cleaner offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so that if any part of the job has not been completed to a high standard then the cleaner returns at no additional cost and completes it to a high standard?


Does the cleaning company have a quality or high rating for every job?


What Our V.I.P Clients Say About Us

We proudly service South East Queensland, Gold Coast and Northern New South Wales. If your suburb is not on the list please call us and we will endeavour to assist you.

3 Months FREE Cleaning

When commercial cleaning needs to be handled, you will want to have commercial cleaners working for you who know what they are doing. This means that you’ll want to count on our team of professionals here at Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company. We are going to be able to provide you with lots of insights about our services when you give us a call, and if you need to get a price quote beforehand, we can arrange that for you as well.

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