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High Quality Water Blasting

Need to remove excessive dirt, corrosion, or build up on an often used or weather-beaten surface? Water blasting is an effective, chemical-free option with proven results.

This extremely high-pressure water stream cleaning tactic, also known as hydroblasting, comes with a number of benefits (foremost getting things as clean as new). But done improperly, it can cause quite a bit of damage to surfaces. That’s why it’s critical to use this technique the right way, on the right materials.

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Water Blasting

You also have to choose the right cleaning company – and that’s Dirty Deeds here in Gold Coast and the surrounds. We have 45 combined years of experience with all things cleaning. Our licensed and insured teams will be able to assess your flooring, exteriors, or other surfaces and share whether this type of service is right for you.

Once we’re done, we’ll only bill if you’re 100% satisfied. That’s right – no contracts, no recurring payments, and no invoice until we’re sure you’re pleased with our work. Dirty Deeds will make sure you have a cleaner space to live or work no matter how big or small your project is. Call us on 07 5530 2323 to learn more or request a free quote today!

Choosing between water blasting and pressure cleaning

Before you request this service, you should understand what makes it special. Naturally, the term gets confused with pressure cleaning. And while they both use pressurised water to clean off all sorts of grime, they are definitely two different approaches. Here’s an easy way to break it down:

Water Blasting
Pressure Cleaning
Water Temperature
Cold or Heated
Pressure Used
Over 10,000 PSI
1,000-3,000 PSI
Fuel Source
Diesel or Petrol
Electric, Diesel, or Petrol
Removes Finish

At a glance, the difference becomes clear. Water blasting is a stronger stream of water that can remove anything from dirt to mould to the top layer of paint if you aren’t careful. Only jobs with severe build up on hard surfaces that can take significant pressure should be water blasted. For example, water blasting timber decking could split or damage the wood. However, pressure cleaning corroded fencing with decades of rust will leave behind remnants.

When water blasting is the right choice on the Gold Coast

We know that this method is best for super hard-to-remove build up. And those are the signs you’ll be looking for around your property. But which surfaces can stand up to or are recommended for this technique? Quite a few (although your home isn’t one of them).

  • Pathways made of brick or pavers
  • Brick structures or retaining walls
  • Commercial roof plumbing and gutters
  • Metal fences, railings, and grillwork

Note that concrete is not on the list. Pressure washing at a lower PSI is a much better fit for concrete. Water blasting can actually remove layers of concrete in the process, removing any protective finish that may have been in place as well.

One instance where this service is a great choice is when you actually DO want to remove a top layer. Remove an old coat of peeling paint so that a new paint job adheres better and lasts longer. Power off dirt and uneven concrete to prepare it for a new top coat. In both cases, you’ll likely save on prep work with another contractor.

What to expect if you hire us

A professional service will assess first and foremost that this service is the right choice for the job and provide you with an estimate for services. (More on costs down below.) Once the crew arrives to do the work, they’ll need about 30 minutes to set up their equipment, connect to a water source, and do a walk-through of the job site.

Even though it happens at high pressures, the team will start with the lowest amount of pressure available. They’ll then work up to the minimum it takes to start seeing results on the targeted surfaces.

Overall, the process should take just a few hours for typical surfaces at a residential home like patios or fencing. It can take much longer if working on a larger scale at a commercial business or industrial setting, so be sure to ask for a timeframe along with any cost estimate you receive,

What is the cost of water blasting in Gold Coast?

These services are estimated based on how much area you request to have cleaned. Costs start, on average, at $125 to cover callout and set up fees. From there, the price increases incrementally depending on how large of an area needs to be addressed.

Most residential projects cost between $200 to $300, whereas commercial jobs start around $500 to $600. Even if you have more slimy surfaces that need cleaning (i.e., siding, roofing), they may not be a fit for this service, keeping this project expense minimal.

Exterior cleaning is a blast with Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company

Don’t just get down to the nitty gritty. Get past every bit of grime with this service. Our fully trained team can get your surfaces looking like new while saving you time and money on repetitive cleaning, refinishing, or replacement.

Our zero contract, 100% satisfaction approach means you only pay for the work you need, when you want it and when it’s done right. And with our crew, it’s always done right the first time. Discover how Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company can help you today. Call us on 07 5560 2323 or request a quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Water Blasting on the Gold Coast

Is water blasting going to make a mess?

Since it uses water and a lot of pressure to get the job done, you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals on your property. Of course, everything is going to get very wet in the process, either from direct spray or the water that deflects off of the targeted surfaces.

A quality professional cleaning service will make sure to wash away or clean up any debris, sludge, or murky run off that will occur as a byproduct of the cleaning. This is especially important if the point of the job is to remove old paint or top coats on surfaces. The separated materials, along with the waste water, will need to be collected and disposed of properly.

Is water blasting just for exterior surfaces?

No, it’s actually quite popular with pipe cleaning as well. Some services may offer sewage, drainage, or tube descaling and cleaning using extremely high-pressure water jets. You may also hear of this tecnique in interior flooring in industrial settings to remove substances and prepare the floor for a new protective coating to be applied.

Is this kind of cleaning dangerous?

It is for anyone who is not trained to operate the equipment. This is definitely not suitable for a DIY project. Professional cleaners on the Gold Coast will have the right protective gear, from eyewear to footwear, and a deep understanding of how to use the jet and nozzle correctly and with the right amount of pressure. Make sure that anyone you hire is licensed and insured to do this specific work to keep everyone involved protected.

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