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Office cleaning is simply professional cleaning for small, medium, large, and corporate offices. It has always been a necessity, but with the COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important than ever. If just one of your workers gets sick, your entire workforce could get sick, very quickly.
This is quite a scary thought for a business owner that needs to keep things moving along. Even aside from the bacterial issues, a clean and organized office space will assist with general productivity and is a simple courtesy to employees. It will assist with morale and is a basic right for people to have a clean working environment.
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This is why you should engage the services of an experienced company. We’re not just any old agency. We have a 5-step process to ensure a deep clean and we don’t even invoice you until you are 100% satisfied with the cleanliness of your office. This is a pretty rare occurrence in the industry.
Operating in North NSW, South East QLD, and the Gold Coast, we have over 45 years of combined experience and a long list of satisfied clients (see our reviews). Exceptional customer service is our priority and we focus on the client experience first and foremost. Our commercial cleaning services will be hard to match and you don’t pay unless satisfied.
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What does an office clean actually involve?

The two most obvious areas will include the floor and the surfaces, as well as doorknobs (due to the potential for germs). The toilets will also be included. But most office cleaning contracts on the Gold Coast will be customised per the business. There are many areas that you might want to include, such as mirrors, windows, ornaments, kitchen areas, etc.
You might have wood in the office that needs polishing instead of just dusting, and you may also want to polish mirrors and clean windows. The bottom line is those offices are different. They have different materials and sizes. And the owners and management team will have various preferences. So the clean is specific to what they want. But it will invariably include the basics mentioned above – the floor, desk surfaces, monitors, doorknobs, toilets. Typical jobs might include:

How much does this service cost on the Gold Coast?

This depends on the size of the office and what kind of clean you are looking for. There are many areas that you could want to prioritise – the windows, the desks, monitors, conference rooms, canteens, corridors, toilets, entries, exits, stairs, reception, kitchen, ornaments, mirrors, the list goes on. The cost will therefore depend on what areas you want to be cleaned and how frequently.
You can get quoted an hourly rate, typically between $35 – $55 per hour. The cost can also be determined based on the space. You might pay between $2 – $3 per square metre for a standard clean. For a deluxe office clean, you might pay between $4 – $6 per square metre. You could consider a deluxe clean once a month with the standard clean more frequently to achieve a good balance.
A basic office clean might consist of screens, desks, keyboards, floors, internal windows, obvious surfaces, and bin bags. These are the areas that need to be cleaned regularly, once a week at the least. For a more detailed understanding of the cost of office cleaning, it’s best to contact a local provider and talk to them in detail about what you’re looking for, and what’s recommended.

How long does the cleaning take?

This is closely related to the above question with regard to the cost. The more items you want to be cleaned (and there are many of them) the more it is going to cost. This stands to reason as it’s going to take longer for the staff to get to all the areas.
If this feels a little overwhelming, don’t despair! Better quality providers will have a series of processes in place to tackle these very questions. Floors, desks, and areas of frequent contact are prioritised. The most obvious areas get taken care of first, and most frequently. More than anything, people will notice a grimy floor. Other areas can be cleaned at longer intervals, as there are some areas that are simply less noticeable and of less relevance.
The time taken to complete the service will also depend on how fast you want it done. You can ask for more staff to get the work done quickly, even at night when your employees are no longer at their desks. You might want to engage in a thorough clean once a week on a Saturday or Sunday when employees are away. With enough personnel, the entire office can be cleaned in 2 – 4 hours.

Are all providers the same on the Gold Coast?

There are subtle nuances that are only understood with years of experience. A system is needed to tackle the most troublesome areas first and to make the best use of the available time. Inexperienced teams will spend too much time taking care of the areas that are not of the highest priority. They might use the wrong agents and not have the best system in place to ensure the deepest clean, over the widest area, in the shortest time frame.
You need to look for a company that has decades of experience, with top reviews, and a serious system in place. If there is not a tried and trusted system in place based on real experiential principles, then the end result will not be satisfactory. This is why the DDCC only accepts payment after the job is done. We know what we are doing and are so confident in our system that we can afford to do this.

Why choose Dirty Deeds?

When working with a professional agency, there are two things to look out for: reliability and customisation. You want a professional team that does their job, to a high standard, at the agreed upon time. This is tougher than you might expect in this industry! The Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company takes a systematic, organized, and itemised approach to all projects so no area is left unattended. We have a full team of cleaners to cover all areas in the event of sickness or resignation and the valued client signs off on each area cleaned after every visit.
Choose us because:
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How often should I clean my office?

The cleaning needs to be done regularly. You could get it done at the end of every day. You might also want to get it done at the end of the week. It often depends on the size of your business, with corporations opting for a clean every day with smaller businesses doing fine with once or twice a week.
You can also split it up. Some businesses will have an internal team to do a daily clean and will contract out for a deep office clean once a week or once a month. The deep cleaners might take care of mirrors, ornaments, wood, and more niche areas while the daily team takes care of surfaces that are potential areas of contamination and need frequent clean ups. The toilet is a typical example.
The main benefit of systemic clean is a reduced rate, as well as an enhanced space. The company will arrive like clockwork at the scheduled time and you can rest easy knowing your office is 100% clean. You’re then free to work on your business.

Why can’t I just use an internal team?

You can, and this is often done, but only by corporations and large businesses. Even these larger entities will hire a contractor for a deeper clean every now and again. The reason is that it is a lot of work and bureaucracy, not to mention the expense, maintaining your own internal team.
You need to train them, offer them a long-term contract, and deal with the paperwork. And they might still not do a good job! In contrast, we have a proven track record, are experts in the field, and offer a wide variety of services.

What is the difference between office cleaning and disinfecting an office space?

Office spaces need to be both clean and disinfected. They are not the same thing. The first process refers to the removal of dirt and grime using a general agent such as warm water with soap. Disinfecting refers to the use of certain chemical or organic solutions to remove harmful bacteria. The clean up has to be done first because the dirt and grime would interfere with the disinfectant.
Disinfectant products may typically include chlorine bleach (at least 1000 parts per million), alcohol (at least 70%), or a variety of sprays/wipes with quaternary ammonium compounds. These products will be labelled as ‘disinfectant’ and need to be diluted before use. The clean up may physically remove bacteria – but disinfectant kills bacteria on the surface. Any bacteria left after this process will be killed by the disinfectant.

What areas should be prioritised in my office?

Any areas that are frequently touched need to be cleaned and disinfected. This will include the areas listed below, but the list only scratches the surface.

How can I encourage good office cleaning practices?

Many corporations and businesses on the Gold Coast have been incorporating basic cleaning principles for their employees. Many employees are encouraged to have a clean and tidy desk and to remove any rubbish. But there is little harm in providing them with sanitary wipes to clean down their computers and desks at the end of every evening. It won’t replace a professional clean, but spreading bacteria and viruses can be done on an individual level as long as people are aware and mindful of what’s around them.

How can I reduce the cost?

The absolute price will vary depending on the extent and type. Due to the high levels of variance there is very little standardisation. For instance, you might want to replace paper toilets and hand sanitiser in the bathroom. If you do, there are many different kinds of paper towels and hand sanitisers with variable costs. All contracts are customised for the business.
Not all agencies will provide the services that you are looking for. Where possible, try to find an agency that provides all services in one. You don’t want a specialised cleaner for different activities (floor, window, furniture, etc). It will cost you less if you find a team that can provide you with all the services.
You can avail of a systematic and thorough clean from a client-centred business that is serious about what they do.
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