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Commercial cleaning services pertain primarily to office buildings, though it’s often confused with retail cleaning services (such as cafes, restaurants, and grocery stores).
These include commercial kitchen cleaning, commercial office cleaning, and entry/exit cleaning. A full list of our offerings is given below. Just select the service you’re looking for and the Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company (DDCC) will take care of it.
Regardless of the exact type of service you decide on, you’ll get the benefit of 40 years of combined experience, and a systemic 5 step process that ensures a thorough clean 100% of the time. This works whether you own a car manufacturing plant or a small cafe. The end result is a pristine environment renewed at regular intervals.
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How do I know if I need this type of service?

If you are involved in commerce (i.e, if you sell things), then you need this service. Dust, debris, grime, dirt, mould, mildew, is automatically accumulating all the time. The longer you leave it, the worse it gets. If you think you can clean yourself, guess again. Though it is possible, it’s hard to run your business profitably when you try to cut corners by cleaning the windows and mopping the floor yourself. Hiring an internal team takes time, dedication, and lots of red tape. And you can’t do without it, as the place would start to depreciate and it would destroy employee morale.

How much do these services cost on the Gold Coast?

The services can be quoted on a flat rate, per square metre, or hourly rate. The hourly rate for commercial cleaners tends to be around $35 – $55 per hour. It will be on the lower end if it is a basic task only, and higher for more complex tasks.
It can also be broken down into simple commercial cleans and deluxe (or deep) commercial cleans. You might pay $2 – $3 per square metre for a basic service of a given area and $4 – $6 per square metre for a delux service. The simple service would include the most obvious areas such as the floor, counters, screens, bin bags, and internal windows. The deluxe service might include ornaments, mirrors and unseen areas. Clients often have special requests and no two areas are ever the same.
Because of the levels of variance in terms of what can be potentially cleaned, it’s best to simply contact a professional service and iron out the details. Once you get up and running with a reliable contractor, then your commercial space (retail or office) can benefit from a systemic clean. And you won’t pay unless fully satisfied.
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How long do commercial cleaning services take on the Gold Coast?

Again, this depends on what areas you want cleaned. There is a lot of variance – if your commercial clean includes a deep clean of the kitchen and toilet, as well as of ornaments, wooden furniture, and mirrors, then it’s simply going to take longer due to the detail and complexity.
On the other hand, if you want everything cleaned in a given time slot, such as 4 hours on a weekend, then you can request this and the cleaning provider may be able to accommodate by provisioning more staff. More staff will reduce the time taken to do the cleanse.
It’s not a bad idea to request a 4 hour deep cleanse once a week over multiple areas. This will reduce the complexity because you know you are getting a deep clean once a week and can get on with running your business. Regardless of how messy things get, your office will be clean at the end of the week!

How to choose the best service provider on the Gold Coast?

This is actually where most businesses fail. They opt for a lower quality service provider without a proven system. In other words, they choose service providers that are not reliable or effective. Without a systematic plan in place, the service will not be what you expect it to be. Certain items will be overlooked and you won’t be getting the level of service you are paying for. Only contact commercial cleaning service providers that can offer:
At the end of the day, you simply want to know that the contractor you hire will get the job done at the agreed time, and that the areas are cleaned to a high level. So look for a provider that is serious about what they do and that takes a data-drive approach based on customer satisfaction. You won’t go wrong if you follow these simple steps.
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What is the DDCC 5 step process?

The loose process is outlined below. Note that we will customise our services and adapt them to all clients. All businesses are unique. If you have any queries or want to get a certain area cleaned, just ask. Once we have the initial formula right, it’s just a matter of rinse and repeat.
As you can see, we view the administrative and planning side as being equally important to the process itself. This helps to keep everything in order.
To avail of this systematic methodology and have your commercial established in prime condition, just get in touch on 07 5560 2323.
The quality of our service is second to none and you can focus on running your business while we focus on ensuring it is as clean as it can possibly be.
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What sets the DDCC apart from competitors?

Quite a lot. We are 5 star rated, have over 40 years of combined experience, and only take payment when the client is 100% satisfied with the results. More than anything else, however, it’s our 5 step cleaning process that sets us apart.
After decades of work, we realized that the initial planning and scheduling was the most important step, by quite a lot. We were able to increase the speed and depth of our services in a shorter time span. The end result is we worked more efficiently while providing a better quality of service to clients.
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Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Cleaning Services on the Gold Coast

This depends on a number of variables. It depends on what type of commercial business you are running. For an office space, the screens, surfaces, floors, and obvious areas need to be cleaned. At a minimum, this should take place once a week. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, you’ll need to deploy sanitization procedures as well, though your staff may help with this.

Once a week for a deep clean could be a good bet. You can also do it once a month if you have an internal procedure in place already. There are variances depending on what equipment you have and what your preferences are. Contact the DDCC and we can help formulate an appropriate schedule depending on your needs and the best practices in the industry.
This is a much better question. You can’t really know until you get in touch with a professional cleaning agency that takes stock of inventory and puts a plan in place. The reason is that different items need cleaning at varying intervals. A freezer may need cleaning once a month, while a counter may need cleaning twice a day.

A professional cleaning agency such as the DDCC will maintain a giant spreadsheet of items to be cleaned and at what intervals. If we are contracted for cleaning once a week, then we know to clean the freezer on the fourth week. In other words, we agree on a schedule and once it’s finalised, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. This also helps to satisfy OS&S requirements as we maintain records for you.
This term simply refers to the cleaning of entryways and exits to commercial spaces. These are areas that are typically neglected but make a significant impression on visitors. Which is why we have a distinct service for this particular area. If you only need a clean for your front entrance, back entrance, or exit, then contact a provider that specialises in this area.

There are many areas that are common to commercial cleans. These are the areas most typically subject to contamination and bacteria. The floors have to be mopped, cleaned, and possibly polished. This is because they make such an impact on everybody entering the business. People will notice a grimy floor. Wooden furniture will also need to be cleaned and mirrors polished.

All surface areas need to be cleaned, such as tables, desks, chairs, monitors, phones, countertops, etc. Kitchens will need specialised cleaning, and the DDCC provides a separate service for this. There are many standards and procedures surrounding kitchen hygiene and sanitisation. Ovens, freezers, and grills need special attention. Correct food storage needs to be considered.

There are other areas you will have to discuss with your provider. You might want a window clean now and again and there are specific areas that might need cleaning but are overlooked. This might include ventilation shafts, corners, ornaments, storage areas, equipment, and more.

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