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The cleaning of industrial facilities requires specialised equipment, extensive experience, and knowledge of the proper cleaning and maintenance of the type of industrial facility. Further, because industrial cleaning is often larger in scope and complexity than commercial or residential cleaning, small errors in planning can lead to a greater reduction in overall quality.
This is one reason, among many others, that you’ll want to choose the Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company (DDCC). We have 40 years of combined experience and a 5-star rating from clients in New South Wales and Queensland.
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Industrial Cleaning Gold Coast

Industrial and commercial cleaning services are offered by a lot of cleaning companies, but when it comes to skilful, refined, and dependable cleaning results, you are going to want to trust us here at DDCC.

We have been able to develop workflows and standards that are going to blow away all of your expectations for your cleaning needs. Our team has been recognized throughout the region because we are thorough and dedicated. We also provide the best results. We are going to be able to transfer these outcomes to your industrial facility as we have done for many other industrial clients.
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Is this type of cleaning really necessary?

Why wouldn’t it be? If you don’t provide workers with a clean space, then they won’t be as productive. And there are third parties to consider. A factory worker might not care how shiny the paint is or how clean the rollers shutters are. But a potential investor, manager, stakeholder, or consultant will certainly take note. Appearances matter.
And, of course, there is the obvious matter of the machines and components. Regular cleaning will ensure they last as long as possible. Otherwise, dust will build up, as well as bacteria. Cleaning negligence is bad for the machines, bad for the workers, bad for the managers, and bad for business.

How do I know if I need it?

Dirt doesn’t care what kind of facility you’re running! A more relevant question would be how often you need cleaning and what cleaning methods are best for your unique industry.
Different areas of your industrial facility will need cleaning at different intervals. Machinery might require a deep clean once a month while the surfaces in your kitchen will need to be cleaned multiple times a day. This is why having an organized system in place is so important.
In one sense you could say that the area (residential, commercial, industrial) is secondary. All establishments where people live or do business need to be cleaned for the purpose of sanitisation and aesthetic appeal. The only difference is in the methods used, the frequency, and how deep you would like the cleanse to be.

How much does industrial cleaning cost on the Gold Coast?

The cost will be a function of how frequently you get it done, the type of cleaning required, how big the total area is and who you go to. Many industrial facilities need special attention given to particular machines so there is little standardisation in an industrial context.
The best mode of action is to call up a number of cleaning operators to see what the prices will be. Note that you only get an estimate after a phone call. You get a quote after the cleaning service has had a thorough inspection of the facility and taken into account what needs to be done.

How long does this type of cleaning take on the Gold Coast?

This depends on the kind of industrial facility you are running. The benefit of using a professional cleaning team is that they can have a think about how best to manage resources so that each cleaning task is done in the right order. Once a system is in place, it can be tailored and refined so it gets completed as quickly as possible. The planning and preparation can take some time, but it will certainly save you time if you do it in the right way.
It also depends on what you are prioritising. If you want, you can pay more to get the job done rapidly. More cleaning agents will be assigned to the industrial facility and will be out of the way as soon as possible.

Do all industrial facilities have the same cleaning needs?

Absolutely not. There are many different kinds of industrial facilities. Some of the different types include:
Each of these will have specific requirements. Bio-tech buildings will be extremely delicate and need a careful selection of chemical agents to ensure the integrity of the scientific procedures. Heavy manufacturing facilities will often need a deep clean for the equipment used to process materials and manufacture products. Flex buildings might combine commercial, research, and manufacturing facilities.
Regardless of what kind of industrial operation you’re running, we at the DDCC can provide an efficient, systematic, and effective clean of all necessary areas. We have the tools, the experience, and the motivation to provide the highest quality cleaning services.

What does an industrial cleaning involve?

Often, a client will have specialised equipment that needs careful attention with a unique cleaning procedure. However, you can expect the following to be provided as needed:
Because there is so much to clean, it’s necessary to think it through, prioritise, and ensure that a routine checklist of procedures is in place. Without a system of checks and balances and an itemisation of key areas and equipment, the cleaning will be chaotic, inefficient, and haphazard. Our system is structured, orderly, and efficient.

What makes the DDCC stand out as industrial cleaners?

40 years of combined experience is a good place to start, coupled with a passion for the industry and a plethora of 5-star ratings. The DDCC is a client-centric organization and we only accept payment after the client is satisfied with the quality of the clean. But it’s our systemic cleaning process that sets us apart.
We first sit down with you and take stock of the premises, noting what are the areas of most importance. This is the most important element, as we get the process right initially which ultimately saves time and money, for us and the client. When we know the area and facilities, we formulate a plan that gives the deepest clean in the quickest time.
We already have the equipment and expertise in terms of industrial cleaning. Execution is easy. Which is why we stress the importance of planning and scheduling services which makes for smooth and effortless sailing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Industrial Cleaning on the Gold Coast

Does the DDCC treat industrial equipment to combat COVID-19?

Yes. In light of the COVID-19 crisis, we have adapted our industrial and commercial methods. We disinfect areas in line with guidelines promoted by Safe Work Australia and take care to choose agents that disinfect select areas. Machinery that has not been unused in 72 hours does not need to be disinfected as the virus cannot survive longer than this.
We also carefully choose our agents so that the machines are not subject to harmful corrosion. We cannot clean/disinfect areas that are wet, greasy, or oily. The extent of our cleaning and disinfectant services will be determined after a consultation where we can review the facility and establish procedures.
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How can I ensure my industrial operation will meet OH&S cleaning requirements?

This is an extensive area. We can provide you with an inspection so you have a better understanding of what areas need to be cleaned. We know what the inspector is looking for and are familiar with the legislation. These requirements are very difficult to satisfy if you’re not aware of them.
The best way to ensure your industrial area (warehouse, manufacturing facility, refinery, etc) will meet the appropriate levels of sanitisation is by getting an inspection followed by a clean. We will retain a report of the areas and items cleaned. So you have a series of records to show you have hired a specialist to clean specific areas. It’s an easy and obvious way to meet requirements.

Can I use an internal team to clean my industrial facility?

Technically yes, but it is often not worth the hassle. You need to go through a rather extensive process of finding, hiring, onboarding, and training people to do this job. Which is a giant problem if they decide to up and leave a couple of months down the line. You’ll also have to purchase expensive equipment to get the job done.
In some instances, it makes sense. But it’s usually a smarter option to hire experts with the equipment who already have a systematic process in place for industrial cleaning. Everything is already taken care of. Why make things difficult, costly, and stressful?
It’s better to use a professional team such as the DDCC. We are familiar with multiple kinds of industrial facilities and equipment. We are also happy to sit down with you and discuss a cleaning routine so you can focus on getting the plant up and running. After all, no two industrial facilities are the same and only with collaboration and communication can an optimal process be reached.
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