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Industrial Cleaning

Industrial spaces need specialised equipment, extensive experience, and knowledge of facility maintenance. Read more

Gym Cleaning

Gym Cleaning

This is a necessity for all kinds of spaces. But gyms, in particular, need to be prioritised due to the very nature of the activity involved. With excessive levels of sweat and a large number of people in a confined space, gyms are breeding grounds for bacteria if left unchecked. Read more

Professional cleaning is a much larger industry than it’s usually given credit for. There are rules and regulations surrounding the correct sanitisation for items in different sectors. This helps to ensure that hygiene and safety procedures are followed in the right way for health and safety purposes.

It makes perfect sense, but it takes a little experience and diligence to become familiar with the different nuances of professional cleaning. To then provide these services in an organized and efficient manner is also no easy feat!

Below is a list of the cleaning sectors we’re experienced in. We have significant expertise in all the below and we’re also current with all of the rules and regulations surrounding each area. This helps us to provide a better quality of service for clients.

Cleaning sectors covered include:

With the Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company, we don’t just cover all of these areas. We have years of experience and lots of positive testimonials from clients in every area. It’s excellence across the board with the DDCC.

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Why can’t I just hire a general cleaning service?

It can be tempting to hire a general cleaning service at a low price, but this is all too often a poor decision. Because it’s quite easy for your property to get destroyed if it’s not cleaned properly. The following are some reasons you’ll want to specifically hire a commercial cleaning as opposed to a general service.

#1 – Depreciation of Valuable Items

Commercial cleaning requires the cleaning of quite specific items and areas. For instance, if you have a commercial oven or commercial fridge that is not cleaned in a very specific manner, then it’s a waste of time and could harm the equipment. If your business is a gym, then jigsaw mats and rubber tiles will need special cleaning (bleach, steam mops, and excessive water will ruin them). In other words, you get what you pay for.

#2 – Quality

A general cleaning service will not be able to give your premises the specialised clean that it deserves. The result will be a poorer quality of service that will end up costing you money. You can’t expect a general cleaner used to cleaning residential homes to offer the same standard of service to a team of commercial cleaning professionals with a system in place. Areas will be missed, and the place won’t be effectively cleaned and sanitized.

#3 – Insurance

There’s also the issue of insurance. In many instances, regular insurance is not sufficient for areas such as shopping malls and large commercial outlets. A general cleaning service will not be covered under the typical insurance policy in the event of an accident. It could land you in a sticky legal situation which you certainly want to avoid.

#4 – OHS requirements

There are stringent requirements for commercial cleaning that a general cleaning contract is unlikely to be aware of. These requirements have increased significantly in light of COVID-19 and the sanitisation procedures that need to take place to minimise the risk. There are also requirements in relation to record keeping. If you can’t prove to a government authority that an area was cleaned at a given date, you could easily be hit with a fine. General cleaners don’t have the systems in place to cater to commercial OHS standards, and this could be a big problem if something happens on your premises.

#5 – Cost

Ultimately, trying to save money can easily cost you money in the end. General cleaning providers will do a poor job and don’t have the right equipment. Given the high turnover rate in the cleaning industry, they may not even show up due to lack of staff! Business owners and executives can’t afford this type of ambiguity when it comes to cleaning.

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Does the DDCC cover small cleaning jobs or large ones?

At the DDCC, we don’t discriminate between large and small clients. We do a lot of work at startups, corporate blocks, commercial kitchens, and everything in between. We have a great track record across cleaning sectors and client sizes.

Regardless of what you want cleaned, our 100% Client Satisfaction Guarantee will still apply along with our Zero Contract Policy. We can take on a small cleaning job, and you don’t pay a penny until you are satisfied. You can try us out and see if we’re a match. Or join the large list of previously satisfied clients.

How does the DDCC cover so many different cleaning sectors?

Because we are serious about what we do and take the time to complete our research in every area. We are constantly staying on top of the business by being proactive and focused. We do this with software and tracking procedures that help us to stay super organized. We also have a team of backup staff at hand to cover a large number of areas.

In other words, we have all the right ingredients in place and have been able to take advantage through superior business processes. We don’t bite off more than we can chew, but we have a big bite!

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Does the cleaning process change for different sectors?

The DDCC five-step enhanced cleaning procedure does not change. But the methods we use to conduct the cleaning itself will obviously be different. We will always work from the cleanest areas to the dirtiest to prevent cross contamination. The review and analysis process will also remain the same, as will the system of record keeping. Moreover, we always use green science cleaning solutions that kill 99.9% of bacteria but are eco-friendly.

The cleaning of the many different types of equipment and the number of specialised requests clearly means we have to adapt to each and every job, even within the same cleaning sectors. So no two projects are ever the same. Fortunately, this is something we do very well.

For more information on the areas we cover and what our cleaning process is, just get in touch.

Call now on 07 5560 2323 for a free quote.

What areas does DDCC provide commercial cleaning for?

The DDCC provides commercial cleaning services to the following areas and their suburbs/localities:

We also offer services to Ipswich, Archerfield, Redbank, and Redbank Plains. So if you’re looking for a professional commercial cleaner in any of these areas, look no further. We have a lot of positive feedback across multiple jurisdictions so location isn’t an issue. The five-star quality of service holds across the board, and we are insured in all areas in which we operate.

We’re also more than familiar with the different cleaning standards and OHS requirements in the different states and cities, so you’ve nothing to worry about from a legislative standpoint.

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Suburbs We Cover:

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