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The importance of commercial cleaning really can’t be understated. Unclean commercial environments can lead to:

  • Decreased worker productivity
  • Legal liability claims
  • Poor brand reputation
  • Fines from health authorities
  • Depression and negative impacts on employee mental health
  • Potential transmission of harmful bacteria
  • Loss of income due to worker sick leave
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Commercial Cleaning South Brisbane

In contrast, efficient cleaning will result in increased worker productivity and protection from legal claims and fines. It will also make you, your clients, and all third parties happier and healthier. The question is not if you should get the service but who you should hire. And you also want to get a handle on the frequency of service.

All of these questions are answered if you work with the Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company. We have helped thousands of customers in South Brisbane by using our systematic and rigorous processes to get their properties spick and span. And when the final process is worked out, we can provide our reliable services like clockwork so there are no issues or headaches for business owners to deal with. The results are really over the years, week in and week out, with a service provider you can trust.

What are the common areas that need to be cleaned in a commercial setting?

This will largely depend on the type of commercial setting. Areas that need attention might include:

  • Floors
  • Skirting boards
  • Mirror polishing
  • Ornaments
  • Corner dusting
  • Desks
  • Monitors, keypads, mouses
  • Garage bins
  • Entryways and exits
  • Toilets, sinks, and bathroom fixtures
  • Kitchens
  • Kitchen utensils (pots, pans, knives, forks, special items, etc)
  • Kitchen appliances (ovens and fridges)
  • Canteens
  • Conference rooms
  • Windows

Of course, these spaces and needs will vary depending on the type of facility you have and how your employees and customers use it. The core areas will always include the floors, office desks, bathrooms, and kitchens. Corners, skirting boards, polishing and other items should also be addressed but can be managed on a less frequent basis.

How long does commercial cleaning in South Brisbane take?

This really depends on a number of factors, and any answer is only going to be a very rough indication. For instance, four staff members should get the work done in a quarter of the time. And the more areas to be cleaned, the longer it will take. Other areas might require specialised attention. If you have a commercial oven to be cleaned or a commercial fridge to be sanitised, there are a number of sequential steps, and you may have to wait for the cleaning agents to do their jobs.

The good news is that your service provider should be able to accommodate you. You might prefer to have a team that works outside of office hours or that comes in on a weekend and does a quick but thorough team. The provider should be able to provide enough people that all of your needs are done within a single day. This service can be repeated as necessary while limiting any disruption to your business.

What is the cost of this service?

Like the time taken to complete a project, the cost of finishing a commercial clean will depend on many factors. Hourly, you can expect to pay between $35-55 for a cleaner. On a square metre basis, you’ll pay between $2-6 per square metre.

A basic clean might cost you around $2 per square metre while a higher quality clean will cost you close to $6 per square metre. You can also mix it up: perhaps you might like a basic clean once a week with a deluxe clean once a month. The deluxe clean will clean items that need special attention on a more infrequent basis.

Ultimately, you’ll have to contact your service provider for a more precise figure. Quotes can often vary, and you might have special requests which need a customised quotation.

How can I identify a professional cleaner in South Brisbane?

If you want to find a reliable service provider, then you will want to look out for a company with positive client testimonials, a systematic process, and a satisfaction guarantee. The sad fact is that many agents are hit and miss since the industry is not being regulated. So you can’t rely on licencing here.

After you have identified a five-star provider with positive testimonials, a rigorous process, and a satisfaction guarantee, take them for a trial period. The good news is that you’re not locked into cleaning contracts, at least not initially. If they don’t do the work to a high standard, then you can look elsewhere. And if anyone requires a lengthy contract from the start, take that as a bad sign that they don’t believe in the quality of work they do.

Why should I choose the DDCC?

We encourage you to look through our reviews to find out why customers choose us. Many Dirty Deeds Cleaning Company clients have been with us for several years, and we aim for long-term, repeat customers. Also, with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and a team of expert staff (with additional backup staff on call), there really is zero risk when you work with us.

We have refined our procedures so the cleaning process is as efficient as it can be, supported by a data-driven approach and a sophisticated client portal and review system. We can’t think of a reason why you wouldn’t choose us for your commercial cleaning needs in South Brisbane.

Call now for a free quote – 07 5560 2323.

Am I locked into a contract with the DDCC forever?

We operate on a no-contract policy. You can try us out and see if we’re a match. We can do this because we understand how good our services are in comparison to other providers. Most cleaning providers will lock you into a contract for a given period. Of course, this lessens the incentive for them to do a quality job. Because we could be eliminated at a moment’s notice, we always strive for a 100% clean every time we visit your commercial space. It keeps us motivated to do a good job.

Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Cleaning in South Brisbane

How can I reduce the cost?

The best way to reduce costs is to work with a reliable service provider that delivers on time, every time. This will increase worker productivity and ensure that your workspace is actually cleaning. It’s usually best not to cut corners when it comes to these kinds of services, as you end up only costing yourself money in the long-run.

However, if you are listed as being in an ‘exposure site’ by Queensland Health, you can take advantage of an 80% rebate to a maximum of $10,000. This applies if you are a small to medium sized business, in an exposure site, and purchase a professional service. $10,000 is not to be sniffed at, and if you’re thinking that your commercial premises could do with a deep clean, now might be an excellent time.

Why can’t I clean myself?

Because it’s simply not practical. There is too much stress, complexity, and cost involved in hiring, training, onboarding and maintaining your own internal team. Even if you could do this, you would still need to have some sort of review process to ensure that all the jobs are completed to a high standard. There are multiple areas and items that need to be cleaned.

And all of them need to be cleaned at different intervals, but in a certain order to make the process more efficient. Keep in mind that there are operational health and safety requirements, especially for commercial kitchens. If you don’t keep track of them and ensure they are correctly cleaned, you could be fined.

Does the service come with a warranty?

A warranty only applies to physical products over a long time horizon. It’s hard for any company to offer a warranty because dust and grime starts accumulating as soon as surfaces and facilities return to use. What you can ask companies about is whether they offer a guarantee or satisfaction offer. This is the equivalent in this industry, but the difference is that it’s nowhere near as common. Basically, each client needs to sign off that the area has been cleaned according to the relevant standards. If the work has not been done according to the project specifications, it is redone.

Do commercial cleaning companies need to be insured?

All companies (those with a registered Australian Business Number) should have public liability insurance. Though it is not actually a legal requirement, it is strongly recommended. Cleaning companies will often be asked for proof of insurance before working in areas such as schools, universities, and corporate offices.

Once a business has this insurance, staff will be covered underneath the policy. Public liability insurance will cover companies against the typical hazards associated with the services. A worker or pedestrian could easily slip on a wet floor, for instance. It protects businesses from claims arising as a result of their ordinary daily activities. It will not protect if they did something irrational or against standard operating procedures.

In addition, many areas will require a specific form of insurance. Malls and large commercial spaces will often require special insurance due to the high levels of foot traffic. Mainstream public liability insurance policies may not provide coverage for these areas. While the companies will (or should) have public liability insurance, it may not be enough in itself to protect them against a claim.

Do commercial cleaners provide their own supplies or do we have to purchase them separately?

When conducting a commercial clean, a provider will bring their own supplies. This makes perfect sense once you think about it. Imagine relying on a customer to provide the supplies! Items could be mislabelled or even have the wrong mix of chemical solutions in them.

It would be a disaster and quite an unreliable system to run a business on. Therefore, all companies will come equipped with their own customised supplies so they can get started straight away. This also ensures they can bolster the claims made to customers about the eco-friendly nature of the provided solutions.

There are some things you’ll have to provide, though they will likely let you know in advance. The main item here would be access to hot water so they can effectively clean the area. But they will typically have their own mops, wipes, and buckets.

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